Music: The Most COMPLEX Pop Song of All Time
how to make memories stick
Music from Max Richter
It's been a pretty grim year in many respects, so here's a small bit of cheer
And some music - enjoyably bonkers: Ace of Spades on Carillon (A tribute to Motörhead) and Cavetown - Sweet Tooth
Rough Cuts Podcast #2 - Veronica O'Keane, author of 'The Rag and Bone Shop: How We Make Memories and Memories Make Us'Listen now (55 min) | This podcast is with my colleague, Professor Veronica O’Keane, a psychiatrist and academic in the School of Medicine at Trinity…
Rough Cuts Podcast #1 - Rob Martineau, author of 'Waypoints: A Journey on Foot'Listen now (44 min) | For my first ever podcast, I’m delighted to have been able to chat with Rob Martineau, author of the forthcoming book, ‘Waypoints…
Music: Thelonious Monk; Lana del Ray
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